Roast turkey, London tap jam, Frilly Knickers, and some indie disco – Holiday party at Gigi’s Hoxton is going to rock your world!

Once upon a time, going out for a festive drink at Christmastime might have meant heading to a classic cliché restaurant for an Irish coffee amid reindeers, Santa, and heaps of nostalgic decor. Then we witnessed the fancy holiday-themed cocktail pop-ups with their decorative designer drinks and Instagram-bait offerings. This year, the trend has slightly more widened and seems to be as strong as ever; Hoxton Square’s new hot bit Gigi’s Hoxton has the best holiday party coming up. And, while we have our charms go all-day around the year, we know that Christmastime is the special eve, your party animal has been yearning for!

Gigi’s Hoxton is all set to throw you some Crazy (with a capital C) party nights at our bar & restaurant. Read on to discover how we are going to set you free on Christmas with our hypnotic tropical industrial & colourful design and to-die-for food and booze.

The beats and grooves;

Ultimately, Christmas, in a nutshell, is booze and music. A perfect holiday night-out needs to cover all your music needs. There may be a lot of choices in Hoxton, but nobody’s gonna cater to you with a good sound system + great DJs + fantastic bands, all in one package. Luckily, Gigi’s tick all these boxes with a bright glitter pen: with indie, jazz and soul from star bands and singers and house and disco from the best DJs around Hoxton. Fairy Mother of Moves has promised to raid our party; you make sure to not miss that…

The bar and booze;

Want to know why Gigi’s is a must-go on your Christmas bars list? The drinks. We have loads of them, and by loads, we mean loads of mind-blowing cocktails to choose from. If you come to visit us at Christmas and don’t engage with our bartenders, you are going to miss out big time. Even if you don’t fancy alcohol, the names are chilly enough, from the classic ‘Gigi & T’ to ‘Kiss From a Rose,’ to the ‘Coco No Loco’ (which, is a special delight for non-alcoholic good kids).

Get your taste buds infused;

Now, this is where the Christmas party for a foodie begins. Delve into one of the best bar and al-a-carte menu in the city. Our entire menu is a treat on both your wallet and your stomach; we offer some mouth-watering, Italian-inspired cuisine created by the Italian Head Chef, Antonio Mollo. If you want our on-the-house advice, you go grab a load of people (known and unknowns, totally up to you), book a Christmas dinner and tuck into the sharing platters. We also have a tasty menu of bar snacks to deal with your after-party hangover hon!

The vibe that moves;

The vibe at Gigi’s Christmas eve has to be seen to be believed. We have an out of hemisphere décor (yes we are slightly self-obsessed, can’t help it), with neon signs, feature walls and larger than life sculptures. If you’re trying to keep off of Instagram during holidays, we are happy to place our bets – two minutes into our bar and, you’re posing next to a huge wooden horse.

Events to drool;

Comedy Drag Brunch, London Tap Jam, Tropical Neon Saturdays are few to name. We have a list of mind-blowing events and artist performances lined up for Christmas. Anyone celebrating near Hoxton and missing them doesn’t deserve to party in 2020. Period.

Looking for Christmas glitz? Head over to Gigi’s and book a club Christmas party to have your party animal enjoy the best time of the year. Be it an office Christmas party, a quick after-work cocktail or a family dinner – we ensure a fun, memorable experience for all our customers.

Contact us at  or dial 020 7613 1988 to make reservations.