DJ Night at Gigi’s Hoxton

DJ night at Gigi’s Hoxton is an event you will not want to miss. In the heart of Hoxton square you will find soulful, tropical house vibes to party away to all night long. Every single Friday and Saturday, Gigi’s Hoxton hosts their very own DJ night! The music is a vibe, with drinks and shisha packages available, what a combo! It really is a summer house party lasting until 3am. The DJ night offers soulful, house style music giving you all the hottest music to party the night away.

Live DJ + Summer House Party Music = Chill, Soulful Beach Vibes

London is the place to be for a night of fun, but sometimes you might need help choosing a spot to party. Gigi’s Hoxton delivers pure DJ vibes in the heart of Hoxton every Friday and Saturday. Whether you’re already in Hoxton or close to Shoreditch our Live DJ nights aren’t one to miss! Tickets are free and the location is a pure vibe in itself, situated in the heart of Hoxton which is one of the hottest spots in the city.

DJ Night in Hoxton every Saturday until 3 am

What is better than having an awesome DJ party to go to in the heart of London? Having one to go to every Friday and Saturday! Gigi’s Hoxton hosts a DJ night every Friday and Saturday until 3am. Gigi’s Hoxton offers a live DJ, drinks, shisha and a hot location for you to have the night of your life, listening to music with a summer soul, house vibe.

Book your ticket now for our Live DJ Night

This extravaganza is free to attend but tickets need to be purchased in advance to secure your place. Gigi’s Hoxton will have a live DJ providing house, soul and chill meaning you can have the feel of being on a summer holiday from the hotspot of Hoxton, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now.