Hold the hand of your ultimate love of life and pour some eggnog!

Christmas is love birds favourite time of year for dating. There’s something so warm and festive about twinkly lights, hot mulled cider, cookies, and hot chocolate, and enjoying a glass of red wine in a busy corner in the bar by dancing to the party music and hangovers that sets the mood for fun and romance.

During the holidays, one of the most common excuses for avoiding couple dates is “no money” and “no time.” At Gigi’s, we condemn everything that comes in between a love birds day out followed by a dinner at the best bar in Hoxton (aka Gigi’s, obviously) because it’s all worth it!

If you haven’t been busy browsing some great options for having a day with the love of your life, there is still time as this perfect Christmas date itinerary has everything you might be looking for to surprise your date.

Here’s a fool-proof plan to make sure you have a cracker of a date….see what we did there?!

Morning ft. A Romantic Walk

Getting outside in the chill is the best start to a wonderful day. Walk down the cold lanes with people busy in the final rounds of shopping, in the snow, through the snow-dusted woods or on the city streets. Hold hands; express love and give an ear to what your loved one says. Smile often, take a photo or tow and FLIRT. Let the best time of the year witness how you love each other.

Afternoon ft. Ice Skating

From Somerset House to Canary Wharf, plenty of ice rinks are there for you to choose from in London. Get your skate on and swim into the magic. What’s there to not love about ice-skating? It’s romantic; you hold hands and glide elegantly across the ice, showing off your grace and poise. – What else could be a better way to spend an afternoon in Christmas season?

Lunchtime ft. Book a table in Hoxton at Gigi’s

What’s more romantic than a lunch date with your loved one? At Gigi’s Hoxton, we will treat you like the special guests that you are. If you both are food lovers, our Italian cuisine is unexplored heaven for you. Our beautifully crafted dine-in space, scrumptious food, and service will add more to your special we-time.

Late afternoon ft. Shopping

The malls at this time are the most stressful and completely NOT date-type. But you gotta do what you gotta do! So, head to a nearby town may be and find unique, heartfelt gifts at local, one-of-a-kind shops.

Evening ft. Ferry Ride

There is something very movie-like and magical about seeing London all lit up for Christmas. Take a romantic ferry down the Thames to enjoy a dreamlike, relaxing, and carefree date. You are going to remember and cherish this evening for many years to come.


Want to know why we are calling you back at night? The Christmas bespoke menu and ‘The drinks.’ Our special Christmas menu, loads of mind-blowing cocktails, and music are a perfect way to top off this romantic day out. If you wouldn’t like to go back all tipsy, we have Coco No Loco waiting for you!

This was all for you and your date from us, we hope this itinerary will help you in having a perfect Christmas day out with your partner!

Contact us at bookings@gigihoxton.com  or dial 020 7613 1988 to make reservations.