Mood, music, and booze; the perfect recipe for a great Christmas night!

Back in time, going out for drinks at Christmas time meant heading to a classic cliché restaurant for Irish coffee amid reindeers, heaps of colourful décor, and obviously, the Santa Clause. Then we witnessed the revolution of fancy holiday-themed Christmas cocktail pop-ups with their decorative glasses of booze and designer Instagram-bait bespoke menus.

This year, the trend has been expended and seems to be as loud and proud as ever; the best bar in Hoxton Square “Gigi’s Hoxton” is throwing the best Christmas charisma. And while our allure goes every day around the calendar, we know the holiday and Christmas zeal that your party animal yearns for in the bars. Therefore, in this post, we have rounded up all the reasons why you MUST visit ONLY us!

Best Bar in Hoxton

Live music

If you are a fan of music and dinner, Gigi’s for you EXCLUSIVELY! One thing that sets us apart from other local bars in Hoxton is the great live music that is to-die-for. From rock and roll to blues and soul music, it’s easy to both sit and enjoy music while you eat and dance your groves out all night during the holiday season. Check out our Instagram feed to witness the scene from your own eyes.

Booze, aka The. Best. Booze

Want to know why Gigi’s should be the ONLY entry on your Christmas bars list? The drinks. Our loaded, mind-blowing cocktails are one-reason-enough you should choose our cool bar in Hoxton. We have something special for everyone, even those who don’t fancy alcohol; the names are chilly enough to get you inspired, from the classic ‘Kiss From a Rose’ to ‘Gigi & T,’ to the ‘Coco No Loco’ (a special one for non-alcoholic good kids).

Cool Bar in Hoxton

Bar deals

Drinking and drinking A LOT without burning a hole in your pocket is the sport you can play and win at Gigi’s. Our bar deals are here to get your party animal tipsy/drunk/oh-my-god-I’m-so-drunk all at once. We have three packages; Bronze, Silver, and Gold to help you achieve the level of drunk you desire on your Christmas bar night.

The people

The party scene at Gigi’s – the best restaurant in Hoxton square London guarantees you the best folks to party with. The pub crawl atmosphere guarantees you will meet new people and make new friends. As you enter the bar, you are going to meet the coolest party people from all around the Hoxton with whom you will get to enjoy lots of laughs.

Restaurants in Hoxton Square London

The aesthetics

We have aesthetic décor (yes, we are self-obsessed, can’t help it), with neon signs, feature walls, and larger than life sculptures. Two minutes into our bar and, you’re taking a selfie in the new orange teal filter next to a huge wooden horse.

The vibe

Lastly, the vibe at Gigi’s bar has to be seen to be believed.

We are done with our list here, rest you have to visit and see for yourself!

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