The World cup 

The time has arrived, The World Cup 2022 is here and here at Gigi’s Hoxton, you can watch the matches in our luxury venue, offering style and comfort whilst you celebrate with the World. Gigi’s Hoxron can cater to 70 people standing and 200 seated, you can enjoy the matches with your friends, family or use this venue as an opportunity to meet new people. Gigi’s Hoxton offers a vibrant spot to kick off the World Cup 2022 celebrations whilst watching the games.

Live World Cup 2022 Matches in London

Gigi’s Hoxton is based in an upcoming London town and offers music, cocktails and a great venue. This time you can relax in this vibrant venue whilst watching the live football games as part of the World Cup 2022. Gigi’s Hoxton will be showing the games live meaning you can watch the World Cup games as they are happening.

Watch Live World Cup Matches at Gigi’s Hoxton

Gigi’s Hoxton will be giving you the opportunity to watch Live World Cup Matches this year as we celebrate the World Cup 2022. The World Cup is a celebration enjoyed by all, a sporting event that is sure to gather crowds. At Gigi’s Hoxton we are opening our doors so you can come together with friends and celebrate the World Cup 2022 whilst watching the live matches.

The Perfect Bar to watch the 2022 World Cup

Gigi’s Hoxton is based in a hotspot in London and is the perfect bar to watch the World Cup 2022. This bar is perfect to celebrate the World Cup 2022, we have an impressive venue that offers comfort and style, cocktails, live music and now, live football matches as we watch the World Cup 2022 games together.

Book your table and drinks package for the

2022 World Cup

Gigi’s Hoxton, whilst having an impressive capacity, is showing the World Cup 2022 games live, meaning we may reach capacity quickly. To ensure you have a spot at one of the hottest spots in the city, be sure to book your table in advance for the matches you want to watch for the World Cup 2022. You also have the option when booking to buy a drinks package in advance, meaning you can avoid queuing and just sit back, relax and enjoy when you arrive. Celebrate the World Cup 2022 in style when watching the live football games at Gigi’s Hoxton.