Heaping piles of work, upcoming deadlines, new work practices, and stressful atmospheres have sucked the life out of everyone. These are just a few of the many things we go through every day. Sadly, this isn’t the end of it. It becomes hard to pay attention to our personal lives when our professional lives keep demanding most of our time. This monotonous routine needs to be broken up by something that’s cool, energetic and invigorates your soul top-down. Although, London is notorious for offering places with such a vibe, one of the best places to experience an active nightlife, de-stress and relax after a day full of work, is through London’s brilliant bars in Shoreditch Hoxton.

At Gigi’s Hoxton, we take pride in the fact that we are among London’s greatest bars as we have dedicated ourselves towards providing our cherished customers with uplifting culture. Welcome to mouthwatering Italian cuisine, refreshing and exciting cocktails, enlivening music, and expert hospitality.

Our state-of-the-art venue that sits below London makes use of dazzling aesthetics that are perfect for celebrating your milestones and success stories in life with all your friends and families. Dance the night away among our crazy in-house DJs and rich live music. Be it a birthday party, an after-party, seasonal dinners, farewell lunches and dinners, or a corporate event, we devote ourselves to accommodating your unique event-planning needs and deliver them at 110%.

Moreover, we offer an exclusive Italian menu, fashioned by our esteemed Head Chef Antonia Mollo, which promises to take you back to your grandma’s heartwarming recipes and Italian roots. We use the finest ingredients, some transported from Italy itself, to whip up delicious dishes that are infinitely tasty, seasoned to perfection, appropriately-portioned and are on another level entirely. From original recipes to our creative take on them, immerse yourself in our Italian flavours! You’ll develop favourites even if you were not previously a fan of Italian food. You will see yourself coming back for more of pizzas, pasta, seafood and desserts, all made by expert chefs with love and passion.

Let’s not forget the highlight of any bar – Cocktails! Our wide variety of funky cocktails have been created after much mixing and experimentation in authentic Victoriana to engage your taste buds in an exhilarating adventure which will leave you feeling incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the night! Our modern style drinks, concocted by booze engineers, will be your best friend throughout your visits to Gigi’s. We also pair them up with platters of classic snacks that have been well-thought to yield a holistic dining experience.

So, don’t wait anymore. Book your table, text your friends at work to meet you at Gigi’s.  immerse yourselves in an amazingly-comfortable ambience, exceptional dining services, and pasta live music. Explore the world of classical Italy that has been infused into everything we do here at Gigi’s. We are waiting to serve you in ways that you would have never imagined before!