Winter is right around the corner, and so are the 2 of the MOST awaited events of the year – Christmas and the New Year Eve! While the kids are all excited for the Christmas Gifts and the New Year Shenanigans, the Adults are all revved up for partying like there is no tomorrow! Let us face it, why would they not be? With all the most beautiful clubs and bars hosting the GRAND Christmas and New Year’s Celebration, the road to having the Best Time of Your Life is right in front of us. But with the endless options available for you to choose from, the quest to finding the Best Bars in Hoxton is full of struggle – not with us by your side!

Looking Out For The Best Bars in Hoxton To Party This Christmas Eve? Put Your Search To A Stop:

When it comes to finding the Best Bars in Hoxton, it gets really hectic and for all the right reasons! Since Hoxton, Shoreditch is regarded as the Hub of the booze and clubbing industry, this relatively smaller area in Shoreditch draws the CRAZIEST crowd from across the capital and beyond! Famous for the Nightlife to die for, Hoxton is home to trendy, independent boozers that are aimed at partying like there is no tomorrow! With competition so fierce, the road to being regarded as the Best Bar in Hoxton gets heftier. Considering the ambiance, quality of the booze, Nightlife, and the music to die for, described below is a list of some of the MOST preeminent bars in Hoxton for you to enjoy your Christmas Eve: 

Number 1: Gigi’s Hoxton

Regarding Gigi’s Hoxton as the Nucleus of the Bars, Clubs, and Nightlife in Hoxton, it is undoubtedly a unique space that is located in the heart of Shoreditch! Unlike anything you’ve witnessed in East London, Gigi’s Hoxton is a place where you can celebrate the BEST Christmas Eve, getting drunk and dancing on the beats that are sick to the very core!

Gigi’s Hoxton offers East London’s most exquisite Live Venues for partying that is ANYTHING but mediocre! While the guests at Gigi’s get to witness the clubbing Experience of a Lifetime, this is not the only thing that makes Gigi’s Hoxton the BEST! With the live music that Gigi’s offer, the sophisticated ambiance and the food it offers is to die for, L I T E R A L L Y.

Number 2: Nikki’s

If you have not been to Nikki’s, it is safer to say that you don’t really know what some of the Best bars in Hoxton feels like! If you are searching for a bar that offers Hedonism to the very core, Nikki’s is THE place you ought to go to! Keeping the Christmas Vibe as fresh as a daisy, it is undoubtedly one of those places where you never really know where the night will take you! With a décor and an ambiance to die for, Nikki’s is a very viable option if you’re planning to get drunk and let loose of yourself this Christmas Eve!

Number 3: Trapeze 

The list of The Best Bars in Hoxton is literally incomplete if it doesn’t have Trapeze included in it! While Trapeze is known for their signature cocktails served in their Circus-Themed Bar during the weekdays, it gets WILD as the weekends arrive! Giving you the nightlife experience that you are sure to find in not-so-many places, Trapeze’s basement space welcomes the Party Junkies that are all set to get drunk, and dance-off on the sickest beats their DJ mixes!

Number 4: The Book Club

They say that Never Judge a Book By Its Cover – they say it absolutely right! With the endless possibility of having partying as you’ve never before, The Book Club is a place that you MUST go to during your Christmas Eve Shenanigans! Being the place to get drunk and dance off like no one’s watching you, The Book Club is not only one of the Best Bars in Hoxton, but is also known for the food that takes you to another dimension!

Number 5: XOYO

If there would have been a list to East London’s MOST reputed bars and nightclubs, XOYO is bound to make it into that list! The charisma of the music, booze, dance, and party that XOYO offers, the immersive world that it is in itself, gives Hedonism that you would indeed not find anywhere else!