Tech Specs

Floor Plan

The Ground Floor

The main focal point of the venue is the stunning long bar topped with smooth green Wasabi stone that is lit by neon signs and stretches along one side of the room. The opposite wall is dominated by bespoke murals with strong feminine themes, hand-painted by artist Kate Philipson, the illustrator behind Leopards Lunch. The front of the venue is filled with relaxed sofas, and the restaurant and bar features zinc-covered tables, colourful stools and grey and tan chairs.

Capacity Seated:  80-100

Capacity Standing:  300



Tech Specs

Floor Plan

Live music venue

A real den of decadency, big booths, it’s own bar and an audacious sound system complete with a Stage and DJ Booth complete with full on light display. The dance floor where we can turn it up and the party atmosphere goes up a notch. Great space where we have daily live music events & DJ sets. Darker and deeper down for the true party animals.


Capacity Seated: 60-70

Capacity Standing:  200

Private Hire

 Whether you are planning a festive dinner, corporate cocktail party or celebrating a birthday, Gigi’s Hoxton can accommodate your events.

Wine Tasting

Birthday Parties

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Art Exhibitions


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Product & brand Launches

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