Looking for a place to unwind with your buddies, as you indulge in a limitless range of cocktails and grab the essence of the savoury Italian Cuisine? Want to bask in wholesome aura while relishing live music performances in front of you? Then Gigi’s is where you need to be! At Gigi’s Hoxton, we provide you with this and so much more! An all-day restaurant, bar and music venue, Gigi’s Hoxton serves you a limitless menu of palatable Italian food and delicious cocktails, wine and beer. And it doesn’t end here; we are well-reputed among prominent magazines such as Elle and many others for having taken live music to the next level and including one of the best DJ setups.

Be it the all-time classics, latest beats or any musical genre; our live musicians are guaranteed to keep you on your toes as you sing along. Our live music bar, Hoxton and Shoreditch’s renowned entertainment site, has some of the most talented musicians giving versatile performances for the audience.

Groove to the enchanting music from famous musicians like Tabi Gazelle (the epitome of British music), and remarkable Hip-Hop musician like Anthony Blaize whose music is bound to rejuvenate you. All the artists add glamour to Gigi’s Hoxton, making its live music bar an unparalleled entity.

Along with this exciting music, our abundant range of cocktails such as Fire and Song; wine, beer and spirits are sure to give you a great experience. And not just that, our bar bites such as Bruschetta, white bait and several others are just the cherry on top of your gratifying experience.

We aspire to serve our customers with the best experience and make certain that they choose us over and over again. Hence, we make sure that every member of our staff is enthusiastic and determined to make you feel extremely comfortable. They make sure that any query or need of yours is promptly accommodated and that you are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. Furthermore, our cosy underground setup ensures that you feel at home while experiencing the bar life. Our top-notch service and refreshing environment, as well as the variety of music from our in-house DJ and live acoustic trios,  is what makes customers keep coming back. Our vast range of facilities such as pop-up food stations, seated dinners, or standing parties with mouthwatering canapés is sure to leave you impressed. We wholly believe in serving our guests in the most exquisite ways.

Well, aren’t these enough reasons to come to Gigi’s? Come and de-stress at Gigi’s Hoxton! Where you can enjoy great live music and delicious cocktails in beautiful draperies. Surround yourself with elaborate oriental artwork, or in private booths, if you choose to prefer some me-time. One of the most talked-about bars, Gigi’s Hoxton is sure to become your go-to escape from the pressures of everyday-life, promising you exemplary treatment and service each time you come around. So, join us and let go of your worries!